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2020-21 Official Team Placement

As you review your/your child's team placement, please remember our coaches have taken great time and care in placing players where they will be most successful and will contribute to the success of a team. Team placement is the consensus of every coach and not just the decision of any one coach.

Team selections are final and change requests will not be considered.

Varsity   JV1   JV2
Black   Gray   Blue
15 BLUE   14 BLUE   10 BLUE
25 BLUE   21 BLUE   20 BLUE
27 BLUE   23 BLUE   22 BLUE
29 BLUE   30 BLUE   24 BLUE
34 BLUE   31 BLUE   26 BLUE
51 BLUE   33 BLUE   32 BLUE
52 BLUE   14 WHITE   35 BLUE
55 BLUE   16 WHITE   54 BLUE
59 BLUE   21 WHITE   56 BLUE
12 WHITE   23 WHITE   57 BLUE
18 WHITE   25 WHITE   11 WHITE
20 WHITE   28 WHITE   15 WHITE
22 WHITE   40 WHITE   19 WHITE
24 WHITE   44 WHITE   31 WHITE
26 WHITE   54 WHITE   41 WHITE
27 WHITE       43 WHITE
46 WHITE       51 WHITE

Due to roster size restrictions this season, we will be utilizing the double rostering rules for our rosters.  High school hockey allows players to double roster on the team a level above the one they have been officially rostered to play on. The coaches will utilize this to give certain players an opportunity to play on the team at a higher level. 

Coaches will explain this to the selected players and notify them when they are needed to play or practice for that team.  The players first priority is to practice & play with the team they are selected to play on.

Double Roster Players
Gray to Black   Blue to Gray
14 BLUE   20 BLUE
30 BLUE   26 BLUE
23 BLUE   57 BLUE
54 WHITE    

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