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Hear From 2021 Graduating Hawk Josh Rosales

Before the Hawks I had played for the same club my entire career. When it came time for high school, the thought of possibly leaving the team I had played with for so long was very scary. I had built up relationships and memories with my previous club and I didn't want to give all that up. However I did end up joining the Hawks after older classmates told me all about it. After I joined, I had absolutely no regrets about my decision. Playing for the Hawks gave me all new experiences that helped me become a better hockey player and a better person.  These skills will continue to help me throughout my life.

I of course had my worries when I joined. I didn't want it to end up like every other hockey club out there. I was glad to find that the Hawks are all about the individual players and making each one the best that they can be. There were no worries about being the new guy and getting overlooked simply because someone was there longer than me. 

My freshman and sophomore year I was lucky enough to play at the All-star game and represent my club. Those are two experiences that I will remember forever. It taught me that hard work and perseverance pays off. One more lesson I learned playing with the Hawks.  

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play on each team with all the coaches. The coaches weren't just worried about me as a hockey player but me as a whole individual. They made it a point to remind me that school and family came first but also emphasized to put my all into hockey when I was on the ice. I enjoyed playing at all levels of high school hockey. I learned many lessons my freshman and sophomore year that I was able to implement and play my best hockey my senior year.  Although my senior year was short, it was truly the best team I have ever played on.  We worked together to make that last year the best it could be.

Anyone looking for a place to have fun while playing competitive hockey and making great friends should come to the Fox Valley Hawks.  It was the best Hockey experience I've ever had.


Fox Valley Hawks Hockey Club is a registered 501c3  organization, affiliated with AHAI and USA Hockey.

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